• electric heating
    solution for air

  • electric heating
    solution for liquids

  • electric solution for
    plastic industry

  • electric solutions for
    process gas

  • control cabinet and
    temperature measuring


  • The basic principle of our job is one of the most expensive physical phenomena of History. Any process which distributes and uses electricity is penalised by a partial loss of energy which transforms itself into heat and is lost forever. This phenomenon was observed for the first time in 1855 by the French physicist James Prescott Joule.

    During the first half of the 20th century, while most technologies focussed on the minimisation of this loss, some companies in Europe started to produce components which could transform into heat all the electricity that crossed them, the Electric Heaters.

    "Ohm’s law, flexibility, quality and tailor made productions are the trademark of our company"
  • Masterwatt is a historical company specialized in the production of ELECTRIC HEATERS for industrial use.

    Masterwatt offers heating solutions for the production of plastic industry, oil & gas sector, refinery, chemistry and offshore applications.

    The profile of the company is completed by the attention to product quality and the important certifications of electric heaters such as ATEX, IEC ex, CSA, UL, EAC, INMETRO, PED, "U" STAMP, EX CHINA, CCOE India.

    The product range includes:
    Electric heaters, Electric heat exchangers, Control panels, Solutions on skid or container.


Air Electrical Heating Systems
Heaters for plastic industry
Liquid Electrical Heating Systems.
Process gas electric heating systems.
Temperature control.

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