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    CAST ALUMINIUM HEATER, Masterwatt’s new Seal Gas INDIRECT electric heat exchanger, is ready-made solution for dry gas seal application. 
    The range of cast aluminium line heaters provide an effective heating solution for constant flow liquids or gases, elimininating the requirement for a costly pressure vessel. Particularly in high pressure applications, or when exotic process materials are required, the flameproof cast heater range can provide significant commercial advantage.

    Certified to ATEX Equipment Directive, IECex, CSA, INMETRO, ATEX, EAC TR-CU standards.
    Certified under EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1, EN 60079-7, EN 60079-31
    Maximum design pressure and temperature of 500 barg at up 350°
    Suitable for corrosive/aggressive gas
    Process control and over-temperature protection sensors: RTD Pt100 / TC "K" or "J" / thermostast.
    Coil materials: Carbon steel / stainless steel AISI316 / INCOLOY 625 / DUPLEX 
    Enclosure IP66÷68
    Ex-d/Ex-e Certified enclosure
    “U” STAMPED (if required)
    MACE MR 0175 (if required)
    Seal Gas  heating for compressors
    Off-Shore packages ( installations with limited space)
    The package is also well suited for all onshore applications, in order to to meet a wide range of flow rates and temperatures

    INDIRECT Technology means there is no concern about your sael gas stream evere coming into contact with the heating elements, especially when elements reach end-of-life conditions and are tipically more susceptible to corrosion.

    For informations on the new CAST ALUMINIUM HEATER AND SEAL GAS HEATERS or offer inquires, please contact:
    Domenico Marzocchi
    Commercial Director

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