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    Currently, Masterwatt core business is the manufacturing of heater bands, used in the plastic industry, and of armoured heaters, employed in almost all industrial applications and inside the plants. Starting from the early 90’s Masterwatt has pursued the constant improvement of the quality of its products and of its production system, obtaining in 1997 the certification of its quality system in accordance with ISO 9002:1994 standard. This certification has been extended to ISO 9001:2000 and recently also to ISO 9001:2008 standard. In addition, Masterwatt has obtained several products certificates relevant to the production of ATEX explosion-proof heaters and can supply PED certified electrical heat exchangers.

    Product catalogue

    Within Masterwatt products catalogue you can identify the product you need following our guided search program. In addition it is also possible to view brief presentations of the products or download the product catalogue both in .pdf or .zip format. This section contains all the information relevant to heater bands (for both plastification cylinders and nozzles, associated, if requested, to protections or air conveyors), flat and cartridge heaters for moulds and extrusion dies, spiral heaters for injectors, armoured or infrared heaters for enclosures, ovens and thermoforming processes, plug or flange mounted immersion heaters for liquids (including corrosive ones), electrical heat exchangers (including flammable and explosive gases), duct heaters for air and gases conditioning, thermocouples and thermoresistances.

    Development engineering

    Understand and provide answers and solutions which can last along time. This is the way we want to work and that is why we have defined our organisation in order to provide a reliable product and a complete service.

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