Anti-condensation Heaters

Masterwatt anticondensation heaters are suitable to operate inside switchboards, cabins, containers and instrumentations boxes. They are designed to prevent humidity condensation and to heat ambient air. Their standard heating power ranges from 200 to 3000 W. Special constructions can be arranged to achieve a higher heating power.

The contact box protection is typically IP65 but ATEX construction (zone 1 and 2 – II2G/D – Exde) is possible too. In all cases safety and control sensors are included in the heater assembly depending on customer requests and on certification requirements. All Masterwatt anticondensation heaters are manufactured using armored electrical heaters made of stainless steel 316Ti.

Contact box material is polycarbonate for standard IP65 applications, and aluminum for ATEX executions. Mounting chassis and protection grid can be manufactured in galvanized steel (standard construction) or stainless steel 304/316 (upon request).