ASME U-Stamp Certification

ASME U-Stamp Certification

Upon request MASTERWATT designs and manufactures pressure vessels and electrical heat exchangers in accordance with the requirements of ASME code.

The ASME certification focuses on the manufacture of components operating under pressure and implies that MASTERWATT can demonstrate to have followed a stringent and traceable set of design and manufacturing requirements before the heater can be released for operation.

As part of the ASME certification, an ASME Authorised Inspector verifies the stages of the construction from the design to the final tests to ensure the product is in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Code.

In particular, since welding is a key process in the manufacturing of pressure equipment, MASTERWATT uses only Welders and Welding Procedures that have been qualified by well-known certification agencies.

Pressure Equipment devices typical data

  • Dimensions: up to 40”
  • Pressure up to 350 bar
  • Materials: CS – SS – Titanium – Incoloy
  • Design Code for pressure vessel: ASME VIII
  • Design Code for heaters: ASME VIII – Mandatory APPENDIX 41