Control cabinets\switchboard\thyristor cabinets for ex-p zone

Masterwatt is able to realize electrical panels dedicated to the control of its electric heaters. In the event that the customer wishes to install directly in the field or on skid, Masterwatt can produce control panel cabinet and switchbirad with thyristor according to ATEX Ex-p

The executions may include the various customizations as follows:

  • Certification: valid for zone 1 and zone 2 / Ex-p / t ° amb on request up to -45 ° + 65 ° C
  • power: management from small single-phase powers up to three-phase loads of 700 kW
  • type of protections: fuses, int. magnetic, int. differentials
  • type of control: multi-stage ON / OFF management and / or SCR thyristor systems