Explosion proof flanged heaters ATEX – EX

These heaters have been designed to operate safely in environments with a potentially explosive atmosphere. They comply with the requirements of the European specifications EN 50014 and EN 50018 as well as of the European Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX Directive). The certification has been released by C.E.S.I. (Centro Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano).

Masterwatt is able to realize Ex certified products that can be installed in potentially explosive areas and with the following regulations used at European and world level: ATEX, IECex, EAC, CSA (valid for Canada and United States) INMETRO, EX CHINA, CCOE India.

These heater are also suitable to provide, coupled with an appropriate shell, explosion proof heat exchangers. They are designed by our technical department on the basis of the customer provided functional requirements and of the requirements imposed by the ATEX specifications.
The design takes into account the physical, chemical and thermodynamic characteristics of the fluid to be heated, as well as the features of the site where the heater will operate. In fact, a good knowledge of the plant and of the role that the heater will play within the plant is required to define adequate safety margins and to choose suitable safety devices. In all cases a verification calculation is performed.