Heaters with interchangeable cartdrige elements

Manufactured using stainless steel AISI 316L tubes, this type heater is best suited in the applications presenting corrosion problems or whenever it must be insured that the heating elements can be replaced.

Thanks to its peculiar features, this type of heater can be employed successfully in the chemical and in the food industry.

The heater contains one or more heating elements. Each element consists of wire-wound resistances, hosted by a ceramic body provided with appropriate grooves. The ceramic body insures a high electrical insulation and a good mechanical resistance. The coils are manufactured using high temperature resistant wires and are designed to transfer in the best way the heat to the metallic sheath and, finally, to the fluid. The heat is transferred to the sheath without requiring any conductive material.

The architecture of this heater allows, in case of maintenance, to replace the internal heating elements without being forced to remove the process fluid.

This type of heater shall be installed horizontally, at the bottom of the tank or of the basin.

The maximum operating temperature is 90 °C.