INFRARED heaters

INFRARED radiators are the best solution to set up radiation heating systems based on the use of infrared rays. Their emission factor is 0.96, i.e. very close to the maximum theoretical value of 1,and their manufacturing standard allows to insure:

  • Long operational life
  • Fast heat transmission
  • Constant emission along the operational life
  • Perfect heating uniformity
  • Easy installation

Heating systems using INFRARED radiators heat easily and quickly moving objects. The dimensional and manufacturing characteristics of the heat radiators allow the construction of “open” ovens, normally installed around mobile surfaces (e.g. conveyor belts) inside which it is possible to reach in a short time the desired temperatures without presenting significant heat losses throughout the oven inlet and outlet sections. In addition, if the operational temperature is adequately selected, high specific power densities (higher than those typical of conduction or convection heating), can be obtained.

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