Isotex insulating blankets

ISOTEX insulating blankets have been designed to protect, in the best way, the operators from the heat irradiating from the plastification cylinders. Made of a non conducting tissue padded with highly insulating material, they offer a very good thermal insulation of the plastification cylinder thus providing important savings in the request of electrical energy dedicated to heating: tests performed in our laboratory showed a saving of 30%. Thanks to their limited envelope (thickness = 15 mm) and to their high flexibility (typical in tissues) ISOTEX blankets can be installed where other types of insulating covers can not. The possibility to cut, in their surface, slots of different dimensions allows to employ ISOTEX blankets also in the cases where mechanical parts or temperature measurement devices alter the smoothness of the cylinder surface. ISOTEX blankets are largely used in the thermal insulation of plastification cylinders. Their flexibility, stability and resistance make them suitable for the insulation of other mechanical components like valves, flanges, expansion joints, and hot parts in general. They turn out to be useful in the most different types of plants: ovens, tanks, railway and industrial vehicles, naval plants and thermal stations.

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