Water\ oil bath heaters

The range of INDIRECT MASTERWATT heaters in water bath or OIL bath is an efficient electric heating solution. The product is very useful as a high temperature or when the process fluids are very corrosive

The intermediate fluid and the INDIRECT technology is the security that the flow of gas does not come in contact with the elements of the electric heater. This technology is born for all the executions in which customer want to replace the standard solution with burner (FIRE HEATERS) to a completely electric solution.



  • Certified for the ATEX, IECex, CSA, INMETRO, ATEX, EAC TR-CU equipment directives.
  • Certified according to EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1, EN 60079-7, EN 60079-31
  • Maximum design pressure and temperature of 500 bar at 250 ° C
  • Suitable for corrosive / aggressive gases
  • Coil materials: carbon steel / AISI316 / INCOLOY 625 / DUPLEX stainless steel
  • Certificate of custody Ex-d / Ex-e
  • PRINTED “U” (if required)
  • MACE MR 0175 (if required)